Stop Copying My Body: Meera Mithun SLAMS Trisha For Morphing!

Bizzare indeed!

Meera Mitun has been very outspoken and opinionated on social media ever since Bigg Boss happened. She has spoken about everyone including her fellow Bigg Boss contestants. But, in return she faces a lot of backlash for her posts. Whatever said and done, she chooses to speak her mind no matter what is right or wrong. In her next Twitter rant, Meera is seen targeting one of Kollywood’s top actresses Trisha Krishnan.

After a brief social media detox, Trisha returned to Twitter and posted a picture of herself and captioned it, “Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind! #mood And yours?”

A rather aggrevated Meera Mithun took to Twitter and tweeted a bizzare tweet. “Tis s gonna be my last warning to you @trishtrashers. Next time I see, you photoshop ur picture with features of mine including hair, morphing to, look like me, you will be under serious legal allegation . You know what ur doing, Well ur conscience knows. Grow Up! Get a Life,” wrote Meera.


This tweet has been a field day for the meme creators on social media!

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