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Soundarya Rajinikanth Ends Her 7-Year Marriage!

The relationship ends!

In a series of incidents that followed, Soundarya Rajinikanth, daughter of Superstar Rajinikanth and her estranged husband and businessman Ashwin have been officially divorced after a 7-year marriage as they were stubborn to end their relationship despite trying to resolve the issue.

The court proceedings have been happening for about 7 months now without any show of adversity. Although divorce is hard, it was quite smooth for the estranged couple as it was mutual. However, the terms of the settlement have not been revealed yet.

The couple, married on September 3, 2010, has a 4-year-old boy and nothing has been revealed about either the custody or visiting rights of the parents on the child.

Ever since the topic of divorce popped up, the couple has been staying separately, the lawyers involved informed. Their misunderstanding over various issues reached a point of no return earlier than that.

Though initially the news of marital discord was being denied by both Soundarya and Ashwin, the fact that Soundarya kept saying that she always felt proud to identify herself as ‘Soundarya Rajinikanth’, triggered debate over the status of their marriage, reported The Times of India.

It was later that the two opened up about their ongoing divorce case after which they appeared in the famil court together. The separate proceedings were smooth and without much ado.


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