Some People Approach Actresses Just To Sleep With Them: Raai Laxmi!

Raai Laxmi gets candid!

Actresses have become much more opinionated in a good way and are opening up about the situations they face in the industry. It was initially Lekha Washington, followed by Varalaxmi Sarathkumar and Parvathy Menon. The one to have joined the list is Raai Laxmi and her opinion about the existence of casting couch is crystal clear and on point. In a rather recent interview with the Times of India, Raai Laxmi talks about how some people just want to sleep around and have fun.

She said, “To be honest, I haven’t faced any such issues, as my entry was smooth. Newcomers and actors who are struggling to get a break in this industry are often exploited by producers and filmmakers.” She further added that casting couch exists in every industry.

“It is only because of them that there is negativity in the industry. If the filmmakers put an emphasis on their personal needs, and sleep around with artists, will their art create an impact? What’s funny is, some people even approach well-known actors for this purpose, and they immediately talk about it openly on their social media. They even throw artists out of the project, if they don’t agree to sleep with them.”

Her next major release is the Hindi film Julie 2, which will see her play a very glamorous role. She also sports a bikini in the film and she said the experience was challenging. “I literally starved for months. Getting a bikini body is not a joke, as you need to get that structure first to sport one. I hope I look good, and it has come out really well. I never thought I could pull it off.”

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