Shruti Haasan Opens Up About Her Alcohol Addiction; Says She Underwent A Medical Condition!

Shruti has now improvised her health today!

Shruti Haasan is finally back with a bang. She has a Hollywood series in hand and is doing her next in Kollywood too with actor Vijay Sethupathi titled Laabam. While she is back to looking at scripts, she had disappeared from the public year for over a year until now. Shruti had still been in the limelight due to her personal life when her ex-boyfriend Michael Corsale confirmed their breakup.

During a recent interview with Lakshmi Manchu, the actress opened up about all the things she was dealing with and the time she needed to cure herself. Lakshmi Manchu asked her, “I know you’re a big-time whiskey lover but nowadays you are not having anything. When we first met, we had gone to my favourite restaurant and now I come to know that you’ve stopped having everything, tell me what exactly happened?”

To which Sruthi answered, “Yeah, I was a big-time whiskey lover. I have taken a break and decided to stop everything. This is a new change for me.” Lakshmi further enquired if alcohol withdrawal affected her physically and mentally to which Sruthi replied, “Actually, I was unwell and I did not tell anybody. I thought it is personal and I did not share my illness with outsiders or friends. I underwent a medical condition and was trying to heal myself. I don’t care what other people have to say. I took one-year’s break because I’ve been doing the same and similar roles. In fact, I have only one type of connectivity with my audience. But I strongly feel if I have a healthy mind and a healthy body, I can deal with everything going on in the outside world.”

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