Shocking: Woman Stabbed 22 Times By Stalker In Broad Daylight!

Not one person came to help the victim!

As the country is reeling back from the death of Infosys techie Swathi’s murder at the busy Nungambakkam railway station in Chennai, here’s yet another death caused by a stalker!

A 21-year old teacher died after being brutally stabbed 22 times by a 34-year-old man on Tuesday morning in full public view. The victim, Karuna, was a resident of Burari area in north Delhi and was teaching at Novel Reaches School.

"The woman was stabbed publicly in Burari area at 9 a.m. by the accused, named Surender Singh, who was known to her. No one came to her rescue," Deputy Commissioner of Police (North) Madhur Verma told the media.

CCTV footage of the crime shows a man lunge at Karuna and start to stab her. Immediately, people around them scatter in fear. Although one or two bystanders rush towards Karuna and her attacker, they back off when he brandishes his weapon at them. They, and other bystanders stand at a distance and watch as the woman writhes in pain from multiple stabbings, but seem unable or unwilling to interfere. After stabbing her multiple times, the attacker moves away, only to return and attack her again.

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