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Shocking: Man Holds Woman Hostage Because She Said ‘No’ To His Marriage Proposal!

Her ordeal lasted 12 hours!

In what is being regarded as a shocking incident in Bhopal, a 30-year-old man held a young woman hostage at gunpoint for 12 hours before the police came in and whisked them away. The man called Rohit Singh allowed the police to enter the apartment at 7pm, 12 hours since had gotten into the apartment and was led outside together with the woman.

Singh entered the apartment with a gun, took the woman hostage and threatened to kill her as well as himself. They said the woman, who holds a master’s degree in technology, met Singh while she doing some modelling assignments in Mumbai.

While he claims the woman, too, wants to marry him, several insiders claimed that he has been harassing her and she is only agreeing to what he’s saying because she’s under duress. Reportedly, the Deputy Inspect in General handling the case said that the woman said in her statement before police that she did not want to marry Rohit, and feared for her life. She said that earlier she had agreed to whatever Rohit was saying as he was armed with scissors and a gun, and was threatening her. She gave the statement from her hospital bed late on Friday night.

Police in the Bhopal suburb report that the woman had lodged a complaint against Singh and a case of harassment was registered against him soon after he had created a scene at her apartment in March this year.

Thus far, he has been booked under Section 307 (attempted murder) for attacking the girl and also attacking a policeman in the morning when he had tried to rescue the girl. Rohit has also been charged for holding the girl captive (342, 506 of IPC).

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