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“She Did Not Attempt Suicide In The Bigg Boss House,” Says Oviya’s Secretary!

New twist in the story!

Things took a serious turn when Oviya’s suicide attempt was shown on Vijay Television and a case has been filed against the channel. Popular contestant Oviya of Bigg Boss, who recently exited the show on medical grounds, was called for questioning by the Nazarathpet police in relation to her alleged suicide attempt on the show, as per a report in The Hindu.

Petitioner Saravanan who filed the complaint said that the show’s participants had to stay cooped inside a closed compound for 100 days and had to take the permission of the producers to leave the compound.


He alleged that on August 4, Vijay TV had shown visuals of Oviya trying to commit suicide by drowning herself in a pool inside the Bigg Boss house, the report says.

The complainant has asked the police to launch an inquiry into her alleged suicide attempt.

He further alleged that Oviya’s suicide bid was brought on by depression as a result of activities forced on her by the show’s host Kamal Haasan, the producers and Vijay TV.

However, Oviya’s personal secretary had a different thing to say when interviewed by The Hindu. “We have recorded the complaint in the Community Social Register (CSR). We spoke to Oviya’s personal secretary, who denied that she attempted suicide,” he was quoted as saying to the team of Police.


The petitioner has called for the show to be stopped immediately on the grounds of protecting Tamil culture and in the interests of the general public.

The matter has been posted for next hearing on August 18, 2017.

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