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Shalini And I Have Always Been Very Close: Shamili!

Shamili gets candid about her love for her sister!

Shamili is the youngest of three kids in her family and is the most pampered one too. By the time she
started acting, Shalini had almost stopped acting. Elder brother Richard is also an actor in Tamil and
Telugu movies. “The three of us were in a Telugu movie ‘Jagadeka Veerudu Athiloka Sundari’ which
was a huge hit then.

My brother and sister are so much older to me that I was never in their scheme
of things. I either have been bullied to no end or protected. My sister and I have been pretty close
always and she is always there for me whenever I need advice or just want to talk to her about
random things.

That connect has passed on to my niece too and she treats me more like a sister than
her aunt which is how both Shalini and I prefer it to be. We spend a lot of time together traveling
within and outside the country. Shalini and I never exchanged notes on movies because, by the time
she was slowly fading out of the movie scene, I was entering.

At home, we are very different people and if I don’t like some movie of hers, I tell her that. In fact, I think Alaipayuthey is her best movie ever.”

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