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Samantha: Why Should Women Sacrifice Their Career Post-Wedding?

Samantha’s response is perfect in every way!

With the ‘Triple Talaq’ being declared illegal by the Supreme Court, women irrespective of what cultural background they come from are celebrating. It is not because they are happy that many marriages are saved or will be saved, it is because the little taste of empowerment and victory in voicing out themselves and being heard is so so sweet.

We are in the 21st century, we call ourselves a developing country, funny how the development stops with broadening industries and gets nowhere near our minds. We appreciate but never inculcate, that’s our mantra? The ones who supported Hillary Clinton and felt proud of Rachel after she dumped Ross for her career are the same ones who shun a woman when she chooses to be active in her career post marriage.

Because, House- wife is a job but working- mother is not? This discrimination has no limits, even in an industry that shuns many prejudices, it is unlikely for a woman to have a career when she is/ going to be someone else’s wife. Even for a successful and iconic actress like Samantha who has struggled and made her mark in the industry in par with Actors like Trisha and Nayanthara, it is no different.

Samantha has really changed the way the film industry looks at her today. The actress is all set to do 7 huge films and is also managing her wedding work simultaneously. Earlier when Samantha’s wedding was announced, her film offers had gradually started drying up and her response to the industry has what made her come a long way today to be called as one of the busiest actresses in town.

The Day My Marriage Was Announced, My Film Offers Had Dried Up:

Samantha and Naga Chaitanya’s wedding is the talk of the town but it had earlier quite disturbed Samantha’s career as an actress. Despite giving back-to-back hits last year, the offers were declining for Sam in both Tamil and Telugu industries. The actress regrets the gender stereotypes among the male dominant Film industry where people are still reluctant to accept married women in the industry.

In an interview with Deccan Chronicle, she said, “The day my marriage plans were announced, the offers dried up. Just like that! I was like… what happened? I am the same actress. I’ve given back-to-back hits throughout the year. My Tamil film 24 and my Telugu films A Aa and Janatha Garage were hits. So why am I suddenly being shunned?”

Regardless their marriage, Bollywood actresses like Aishwarya Rai, Vidya Balan, Kajol and Kareena Kapoor are still rocking their career. But down South, directors, and producers are not broad-minded enough to treat an artist as an artist irrespective of their marital status. But, Samantha believes that she can break the stereotype saying that she will not stop acting post-wedding.

She also mentioned that producers were hesitant because she was going to be Nagarjuna’s daughter-in-law. But she says that Nagarjuna is the first person who was most concerned about her continuing her career post-wedding. She also felt proud about her boyfriend Naga Chaitanya who took an effort to inform people that she is open to opportunities.

“Although there is uncertainty about my future in the film industry, thankfully there is no uncertainty about my future in his family. Even the endorsement offers I was getting have been curtailed. It’s as though I’ve already left. It’s bizarre.”, she added.

For a country that made Wonder Woman’s Gal Gadot trending on Social Media after we knew she was pregnant while filming the movie, it is quite strange to not accept actresses after wedding or childbirth. More power to actresses in standing up for this bizarre belief.



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