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Salman’s Co-Star Anushka Sharma Speaks Out Against Bhai’s Rape Comment

Anushka took her time to respond to Salman’s comment

The Sultan actress took her time to respond to Salman Khan’s comment that went viral. Salman’s magnum opus, Sultan, released on 6th of July and has already crossed the 200 crore mark. Now, Anushka while speaking to Anupama Chopra for Film Companion opened up to what she feels about Salman’s comment.

‘Firstly, I want to find out what made him say it because I wasn’t there. So first is to find out if it’s really true that he said that. A lot has been spoken about it; obviously we all understand that it was rather insensitive. But now, when I look at it today, when everything is happening, there are so many debates that went on air, and whatever else that took place – yes, it was insensitive, and something that I was surprised by, that it was said the way it was. What it made me realize is that all of us, each and everyone of us – not just celebrities – have a responsibility towards what they speak anywhere. Not just publicly, but anywhere – whatever you say, you have to be aware of. Celebrities more so. ‘

For those who don’t know what the rape comment was about, while promoting for the movie Sultan were Salman Khan plays a wrestler, he spoke about the difficulties he had during the shoot. He said,

‘When I used to walk out of the ring, after the shoot, I used to feel like a raped woman. I couldn’t walk straight.’ 

This comment drew widespread outrage and criticism, as how can Salman possibly feel what it is to be raped. Salman was asked to apologize for his comment and the Khan has not yet apologized for his words.


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