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S Ve Shekher Denied Anticipatory Bail For His SEXIST Facebook Post!

Message forwarded on social media equals to endorsement, High Court says.

Politician and popular cine and theatre actor S Ve Shekher has been denied anticipatory bail with respect to a complaint filed against him after he shared a derogatory post about a woman journalist on social media. While the BJP member tried to distance himself from the post, saying that he doesn’t subscribe to such beliefs and shared it without reading, the Madras High Court has asserted that sharing a post is equivalent to endorsing it.

The judge said that Shekher, being a popular figure, sets a bad example to impressionable minds by sharing posts filled with vitriol.

“Daily we see young emotional boys getting arrested for doing these type of activities in the social media. Law is the same for everyone and people should not lose faith in the judiciary. Mistakes and crimes are not same. Only children can make mistakes which can be pardoned. If the same is done by elderly people, it becomes an offence,” the judge said, reports The Hindu.

A popular figure since the 70s and 80s, who pretty much set the standards high along with other dramatists with respect to the Tamil Nadu theatre scene, S Ve Shekher shared a highly sexist post on Facebook in April.

“I feel pity while looking at that woman journalist. She claims she was disturbed because the governor touched her. But when you read her tweets, it is understood that her intention was to target the Governor and Modi. It is actually the governor who has to wash his hands with Phenyl after touching her. These (TN media persons) are cheap and disgusting creatures. Most people who work in the media in TN are usually  Illiterate, cheap and don’t have any general knowledge. This woman is not any different,” read the post.

The post stemmed from an incident that happened to a female journalist in Chennai during a press meet with Tamil Nadu’s Governor Banwarilal Purohit. When asked a question by the journalist, he patronisingly patted her cheek without consent, thereby deflecting the question. This led to outrage on social media, which was then followed by S Ve Shekher’s post.

Currently, Justice S Ramathilagam, who dismissed the actor-politician’s bail application, has ordered the police to treat the complaint as a normal complaint as opposed to being biased about it.

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