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Remember The Girl Who Was Burnt Alive By A Stalker? Now Her Mother Dies Due To The Same Injury!

What a sadistic behaviour!

A lot of young men these days are finding it extremely hard to take in rejection as a result of which they stalk and attempt to murder the person that rejected them. In a horrific incident, Akash has been accused of brutally murdering a woman, her mother, and her sister as a result of being rejected. Indhuja, a resident of Adambakkam, was an engineering graduate who worked in a company for the past few months. However, she hasn’t been going to work in the last one month, allegedly because of Akash’s stalking.


Akash and Indhuja were classmates in the engineering college they graduated from. Akash has been stalking Indhuja for the past month as a result of his “love” for her. However, Indhuja did not respond to his proposal. It was then that Akash decided to visit Indhuja’s house, convinced the family that he just wanted to meet her and set the entire family on fire.

It was earlier reported that Induja’s mother and sister were admitted under critical circumstances. It has now been reported that the mother has succumbed to her injuries and passed away at the hospital. Induja’s mother Renuka (43) also succumbed to the injuries she sustained trying to save her daughter.

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