Remember Duet Actress Meenakshi? Here’s What She Is Upto Now!

Here’s what Meenakshi is up to!

Meenakshi Seshadri won hearts with her beauty, charm and her impeccable moves. She became an immediate audience favourite when she was spotted in the film Anjali alongside Prabhu and Ramesh Arvind. She then rose to fame in the Bollywood film Hero alongside Jackie Shroff which was a massive blockbuster. Meenakshi went on to do a couple more films in Telugu, however, she disappeared from the film industry eventually and we dearly missed her onscreen.




Meenakshi later stated that she is out of the film industry wanting to concentrate on Bharathnatyam. Meenakshi tied the knot to an Indian businessman and has now settled in the States.

The 56-year-old actress who is from Jharkhand was completely born and brought up in Tamil Nadu. She has got one daughter and two sons and conducts a dance institute in the USA.

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