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Ration card Goof up!

Kajal Aggarwal’s picture printed for a 64-year-old!

On a lighter note, a 64-year-old got sanctioned a ration card with the picture of Kajal Aggarwal on it. The woman whose name is Saroja is from Kamalapuram, Salem. The family is having a hard time trying to change the card and are unable to get any ration with the smart card. A relative of Saroja said, “The picture on the smart card is of an actor, Kajal Aggarwal. The picture on the smart card and Saroja are not related in any way. Another woman from our neighbour also has a picture which does not look like her. How are we supposed to use this to get ration? We again have to go and get this photo changed now. Why can’t the officials do their work properly?” This is not the first time. Reports say ration cards mistakes have been frequent with pictures of actors such as Vijay, Ajith, Nayanthara being common occurrences along with rarer cases of trees and dogs being printed on the same!

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