Rama Rajamouli And Prashanti: Two Strong Pillars Behind The Success Of Bahubali!

They made craft work like magic!

When Prashanti heard that Rama and her husband Rajamouli were working on a new project, she expressed her willingness to help. “Since Rama garu is a friend, I said I’d be ready to help. Then they roped me in and we all heard the narration. It sunk in. I knew why they needed so many people,” laughs Prashanti, little knowing that history was in the making!

Two women embarked on a voyage of sorts, to find suitable adornments for each character of ‘Baahubali’. Both of them have been working together for over a year to design costumes for more than a thousand artistes.  Every character in the film, from Avantika to Devasena to Shivagami and Kattappa, was clothed by these two enterprising women. The challenge that lay ahead of Rama Rajamouli was huge and that did not deter the spirit of this costume designer who was the rock behind her husband and the success of the film Baahubali. The tinsel world knows her as the designer who dressed the entire cast, numbering thousands, for the epic film just ten months before ‘Baahubali’ could go on sets. Rama roped in her friend Prashanti and the duo worked wonders on every tiny reflection and details in the film traceable to lifestyle about 1000 years ago in history.

It is an interesting fact that Rama Rajamouli, Prashanti Tipirneni along with a few others made a prominent style statement with the classy hand-woven saris with a ‘Baahubali’ custom border. Throughout the project, Anushka Shetty and Ramya Krishna wore made-to-order hand-woven saris of 11 to 13 yards. The crumpled saree worn by Anushka in the prequel was in fact a brand new cotton saree ripped to create that old worn look on the sets by Rama Rajamouli and Prashanti Tipirneni.

Prashanti recalls with pride, “My favourite character in this film is that of Devasena (Anushka). I really enjoyed dressing her up. The most challenging costume that I have designed is perhaps that of Tamanna’s. We have tried out something very new and adventurous.” She added saying that the only references taken were from Raja Ravi Varma’s paintings and probably Amar Chitra Katha. Various books from different cultures were also referred.

Prashanti’s choice of lovely jewellery for the cast, especially Devasena, Avanthika and Sivagami from Amrapaali- Jaipur, Suhanie Pittie, were custom designed in silver and then were gold coated.

From selecting the costumes for thousands of soldiers of Mahishmati Empire and the invading Kalakeya army in the first part and the sequel, to cooking food for the actors and actresses who were staying in Vasundhara guest house in Ramoji Film City, during the shoots; Rama and Prashanthi worked cohesively and achieved laurels that speak for themselves.

Prashanti and Rama, close friends, (who interestingly enough, share a birthday!) weaved a riot of colours in the mammoth project that was a sight to behold and every bit as memorable.

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