Raashi Khanna’s go-to skin and Hair care oil is a Serious Multitasker!

With Eldia Pure Coconut Oil, give yourself the care you deserve from #HeadToToe

Raashi Khanna recently interacted with her fans and shared her lockdown stories through a video in her IGTV. She says that lockdown or otherwise, she has always prioritised taking care of herself and her well being. She also emphasises on the importance of self-care. Her fans have always been curious about her beauty routines and what she does to keep her skin flawless, bright and her hair so thick and lustrous. Revealing her beauty secret the actress said that she’s been using Eldia Pure Coconut Oil and is seeing wonderful results and has now become a part of her self care essentials.


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We’re extremely happy to announce that Raashi Khanna @raashikhannaoffl is the Brand Ambassador of Eldia Pure Coconut Oil. We’re very excited to have someone who’s absolutely beautiful from head to toe joining the Eldia family. Keep watching this space for updates and self care tips from Raashi and give yourself the care you deserve from #HeadToToe with Eldia Pure Coconut Oil. #Eldia #EldiaPureCoconutOil #RaashiKhanna #SelfCare #CareYouDeserve #BrandAmbassador #SkinCare #HairCare #CoconutOil #Nourish

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Raashi Khanna is now the new brand ambassador for  Eldia Pure Coconut Oil  and she can’t be more happy and self-assuring about it. With Eldia Pure Coconut Oil, give yourself the care you deserve from #HeadToToe

The brand Eldia Pure Coconut Oil resonates with everything the actress believes in, that  self-care is not a luxury but a commitment to yourself. Most importantly how it can be simple and affordable and that’s why she vouches for Eldia Pure Coconut Oil.  She absolutely loves the versatility of the oil and encourages everyone to nourish themselves from head to toe with Eldia Pure Coconut Oil.

5 Ways To Incorporate Eldia Pure Coconut Oil into your Daily Beauty Regime:

Eldia Pure Coconut Oil has taken a bold move to busting the myth of beauty. For decades, beauty has always been spoken of as luxury that’s not affordable to all. Beauty is more than just makeup, expensive products and overnight transformations. Eldia Pure Coconut Oil redefines beauty as an honest, consistent and dedicated commitment to yourself and your wellbeing. Investing time in yourself is how you nurture yourself and with the time-tested benefits of coconut oil, you get to see the results of your commitment.

  1. Hair Oil: Eldia Pure Coconut Oil is used as a hair oil that nourishes your scalp and roots leaving you with strong, healthy lustrous hair.
  2. Massage Oil: Since Eldia Pure Coconut Oil is not just hair oil it also acts as the perfect massage oil that can be used for both your scalp and skin.  Use the oil to gently massage your skin. Facial massage is important in skin stimulation. It acts as a stress-relieving oil, take a few drops of Eldia Pure Coconut Oil and massage it on your face and stress points.
  3. Make Up Remover:  Instead of harsh chemicals switch to a more natural skin-friendly makeup remover like Eldia Pure Coconut Oil. Take a little bit of the oil between your hands, apply it across your face, leave it on for a while, and then gently wipe away all traces of it using cotton pads.
  4. Moisturizer: You can apply Eldia Pure Coconut Oil from your head to toe to keep your skin hydrated throughout the day.
  5. For Stretch Mark: It acts as an anti-cellulite serum for stretch marks, it helps prevent diaper rashes, and it can be all this and so much more.


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