Pooja: The Brave Daughter Who Donated Her Liver To Save Her Father!

Pooja saved her father’s life with a little piece of her liver!

Organ donation has always been encouraged by many. One such story of a successful organ donation is of Pooja Bijarnia. And her story of having stood by her father as he got his liver transplanted has touched the Internet beyond words. With over 7,200 shares on Dr. Rachit Bhushan’s Facebook post narrating Pooja Bijarnia’s story, the Internet evidently just cannot have enough of the girl who decided to undergo a liver transplant for her father’s surgery and good health.

In his post, the doctor said:

Read his post here.

“#BRAVEDAUGHTER: There are some REAL LIFE HEROES who don’t believe in words like LUCK, FEAR and IMPOSSIBLE.When people say that DAUGHTERS are useless she is an answer to them.A girl whom I don’t know personally but then for me, she is a HERO who underwent LIVER TRANSPLANT and saved the life of her father.Proud of you girl and there is so much to learn from people like her.God bless you Pooja Bijarnia.”

Isn’t this inspiring to see humans who could go up to any extent to keep their loved ones safe and sound?

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