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Pollachi Sexual Abuse Shocker: What Happened And Who Reacted!

This is tragic!

A college student filed a police complaint against four men for sexually assaulting her and taking videos or pictures of her. Sheela* was friends with Sabarirajan on Facebook. Sabarirajn asked Sheela to bunk her classes and come off to a secluded location in Pollachi. As he picked her up in his car, he made her stay inside and three of his other friends got into the car, sexually assaulted her, clicked pictures and videos of her and pushed her outside the car and sped away.

Sabarirajan then blackmailed Sheela with the videos and extorted money from her. A very disturbed Sheela finally informed her brother of the situation and he confronted Sabarirajan. When the confrontation turned rough, the police intervened and that’s when Sheela’s brother narrated the story. Sheela then filed a formal complaint at the station against Sabarirajan, Vasanthkumar, Sathesh and Thirunavakarasu. While the Police nabbed the three of them, Thirunavakarasu absconded.

Thirunavakarasu is the main accused as he is the one who initiates the Facebook befriending and Sabarirajan takes it forward from then. However, Priya wasn’t the first victim and that these monsters are habitual sex offenders and that around 200 young girls have been victims to the situation. However, noone came forward to file a complaint against the same.

Many on Twitter were outraged listening to the news, condemned the action and urged the necessity to action:


If it was not for Sheela, the torture the other 200 girls faced would have been silenced forever. Women must come forward and voice their opinion despite being suppressed. If not, there is no way these monsters could be provided with the highest level of punishment. Money has become so imperative that lives do not matter anymore and especially when it comes to women sexually attacking her seems to be the first option. This is absolutely disgusting and disturbing.

We, as women must stand with each other and our voices must be loud enough for Justice to open her eyes!

*Sheela is the representation of the victim’s name

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