Planning To Become The Next Superstar: SJ Suryah!

Sj Suryah is a rockstar!

As his upcoming movie ‘Spyder’ is all set to release, the comeback King SJ Suryah wonders why he was even offered the movie. In a recent interview with The Hindu Metroplus, Sj Suryah talks about his versatile roles now than before. “I was a wild actor earlier. My films ‘New’ and ‘Anbe Aaruyirey’ needed a wild performance, but I continued that in films that did not require that kind of acting It was my mistake,” he said.

However, when ‘Iraivi’ hit the screens, he realized that his acting has matured and is now on another level from what he was: “My acting has become more seasoned since then. It’s a role that got the ball rolling. Good directors too have finally recognized me and my acting.” On asking what it was to really bringing about this transformation, he said, “Somewhere after my first stint as a hero, I got stuck. So I decided to take a break and learn music for a year.” Further adding, he said, “If you feel stuck in your line of work, learn something new. A fresh perspective really helps.”

He said that this has developed a new found confidence and a perspective in life. With plans to become a legit superstar with a market in three industries, the ‘Spyder’ actor feels things have taken a long time but it is now back on track. “In 1994, I gave myself ten years to become a hero. And I did it with New. Superstardom is my next target!”

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