PIC TALK: Take a Look Inside Samantha Akkineni’s Luxurious House!

Over the years, Samantha has had a terrific journey with regards to her career and her personal life. Samantha’s incredible journey through her roles and also through her relationship is laudable. Her pictures with her loving husband Chay gives us some major couple goals. The actress is super active in social media and keep her fans entertained with daily glimpse of her life. One of the most eye catching point about er images is her ravishing house. Here are 15 images that gives you a look into her beautiful bungalow. During this lockdown, Samantha has shared a lot of sneak peaks into her private life. From gardening and cooking healthy meals to working out and playing with her pet, Samantha’s Instagram handle is oozing out with positivity.

15 Images that gives you a look into her beautiful bungalow:

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Congratulations you and I made it to July 🙆‍♀️ ….

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The 1st video and 2nd photo isn’t Hash .. he was Bugaboo.. I did a 30 day course on how to raise a dog and thought I was fully prepared ..just like I had complete control over my life I thought it would be the same with raising this puppy .. but I was far from correct .. Bugaboo came with the Parvo virus and died within four days of him coming home . I remember crying so hard I rolled from the dining to the entrance of our apartment, blaming myself and promising I wouldn’t get another dog ……. A month or so later Chay started bringing up the topic of another dog because as always Chay knows best … and on one occasion when I was in a particularly good mood I gave in … he found Hash for me ❤️ … I read that Parvo is a hardy virus and can live in your house months after.. I cleaned and cleaned like a crazy person annoying every vet , dog trainer , friends with dogs who I knew .. asking them If I had done enough to get this out of the house .. when Hash finally came the first few weeks were the most difficult ..I had nightmares .. I kept crying .. always expecting the worst .. now you can see why his 1st birthday means so much to me .. what I mean to say is… You can never be completely in control and you shouldn’t try to be .. don’t be so hard on yourself when something bad happens .. and most importantly Try again .. Happy first birthday Hash and congratulations to me for allowing myself to be happy ❤️

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Perfection ❤️ …. (especially the snoring )

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Samantha Akkineni and Naga Chaitanya gave a blockbuster hit with Majili and the film was a huge break for Naga Chaitanya as well. The couple is loved more as an offscreen couple but looks like it that their fanbase has turned out to be equally large for their onscreen chemistry too.

Samantha’s film Oh!Baby was a huge success too. Directed by Nandini Reddy, the film garnered a lot of popularity and was a success at the box office too. Post that film, Samantha and Ms.Reddy turned out to be great friends. It was earlier reported this duo is taking their partnership to the next level by doing yet another film together and Naga Chaitanya was touted to play a lead in the film.

According to various reports, the film was to be another Korean remake by Nandini Reddy after Oh! Baby. The report also suggested that it was going to be an emotional drama. Emotional drama has worked well with Samantha and Naga Chaitanya and this might be an equally good film too.

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