Peter Paul, Lakshmy, Kasthuri And More: The Endless Controversy Of Vanitha Vijayakumar!

This interaction came up after she released an exclusive video on her YouTube channel!

Vanitha and Peter Paul are trending on Twitter and Google, and various other issues are nowhere to be seen in the trends. Media houses are actively covering the controversy. The news of the couple’s “wedding” became the talk of the town when Vanitha decided to interview her own husband.

What looks like an office, Peter Paul is seen working in an office and his wife Vanitha is seen carrying a pack of lunch for her husband and they are seen eating together. Post that the couple had an interview where Vanitha was seen questioning Peter Paul about his first marriage. In that, he stated that he wishes to open up about his ex-wife and that whatever she has stated till now is a lie.

The couple has further confirmed that the wedding ceremony was only an “exchange of love” and that they would get married under the Special Marriages Act once the divorce with Peter’s first wife is confirmed.

Peter Paul

Peter Paul stated that he works in the film industry and just Indian but Hollywood as well. The couple tied the knot on 27th of June in a Private ceremony. To the allegation that Vanitha had locked up Peter Paul, he said that of course he has been locked up by Vanitha, but in her heart. Vanitha added that their wedding rings lock and key, symbolises that. Peter said that there is no truth in the allegation as he has been attending work as usual and going to the office.

To a question on his former wife, Elizabeth Helen, he said that he met her at one of the family weddings and she is a cousin of his sister-in-law. It was an arranged marriage and he got married in 2000, and John Edward, their son, was born a year later. Though he was doing extremely well in his career, working with south Indian, Bollywood and even Hollywood films, he recalled that his relationship with his wife started deteriorating majorly because she used to involve her mother and relatives even in minute family matters and every evening, by the time he gets back home, they would be at his house waiting to ask him questions and explanations. Saying that the constant interference from her family’s side and Elizabeth’s suspicious nature made life difficult for him, he never got a chance to live a life he wanted to live. He said that she could not get along with his mother, too, and the incompatibility issues started widening and by 2005, things became worse.

Though he kept Elizabeth like a queen, she never gave him peace of mind and she used to quarrel over work-related phone calls that come in the night. He recalled that once she broke his i-phone by throwing it on to the road for attending a call in the night. Later, her entire family started staying with them. He also said that after the first birthday of their second child, Tina, Elizabeth didn’t allow him to even see his daughter, though he used to go and stand at the gate for hours together in the night.

Peter further states that he is a good and dad and was very close to his son until his wife decided to confront to the media. He said he had bought him a cell phone and SIM card so that he could talk to him. Though he never used to go home, he used to wait near a temple and call him, and on most days he used to drop John in the college.


Lakshmy Ramakrishnan

Lakshmy Ramakrishnan had already spoken on Twitter the first time Peter’s wife went to social media to talk about her husband. That’s when the spat had begun. In a recent live interview, things got uglier between the former and Vanitha ending up in verbally abusing one another online with thousands watching.

Kasthuri Shankar


A rather shocked Kasthuri Shankar took to Twitter to disappoint Vanitha’s behvaiour during the live interview.

Supporting Lakshmi on social media, Kasthuri wrote, “My heart bleeds for you @LakshmyRamki. Please  do not  engage with cheap kuzhayadi sandai people. @vanithavijayku1, You are really making this so bad for yourself.  Take a break.”
She further wrote, “legal standpoint-  Hypocrite Vanitha is guilty of  cyber abuse , attacking the modesty of a woman, and defamation. She filed police case on surya Devi for  abusing her, She has done the exact same offence toward  madam Lakshmy Ramakrishnan  . She can be arrested.”
Vanitha was quick to respond to this. “@KasthuriShankar @LIBRAProduc ravindran are giving live interviews even now dunno for what joy…seriously they are going mental in corona days and obsessing over MY LIFE..feeling sad for their loneliness,” she tweeted back.
Kasthuri called Bigg Boss Tamil fame Vanitha a hypocrite and said, “Look who is talking. Take your private life off youtube then talk. Hypocrite. Stop your cyber abuse, whole world saw your potty mouth against madam Lakshmi.  No TV show friends here  to conveniently edit out your expletives. You are exposing yourself, no one else is to blame.”
The rant went on and on with Kasthuri challenging Vanitha to keep her private life private before her expecting her fellow peers to not talk.

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