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‘Only Actresses Who Do Not Get Item Songs Say That They Do Not Want To Do Item Songs’

Here’s what Farah Khan said about women in Bollywood!

The Caravan held a one of a kind, women empowerment conference called ‘The Bridge’ in New Delhi recently. Director and Choreographer, Farah Khan who was one of the speakers at the event made some controversial statements about feminism in Bollywood.

It’s wrong to say my movies aren’t feminist because I am taking on male directors. In an item song, the actress is not the item. It’s just item because it has nothing to do with movie. When you’re talking about feminism, you don’t want to think about women who want to be in item songs. Only actresses who don’t get item songs say that they don’t want to do item songs. Madhuri Dixit got fame because she did sexy item songs. I don’t think I have shown any girl in an obscenely sexual (manner) in any item song. Its very easy to say all problems in India stems from item songs. It’s not the case.

When asked about what was so feminist about Kareena Kapoor dancing in “Fevicol Se“, Khan said, “Nobody put a gun to Kareena’s head to do an item song.”

On asked about the gender pay gap in Bollywood, Farah Khan said, 'Piku will not make more than Sultan. How can you be paid equally? The minute women get those audiences, only then they will be paid equally. Bollywood doesn’t care if you’re a woman or man. Only success is measured. Discrimination always from press.' 

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