No Tamil Actress Succeeds In Kollywood: Dhanshika Slams Hypocrisy In Kollywood; Targets ‘Mersal’!

If not now, then when?

Dhanshika was fondly known as the ‘Kabali Girl’ for her rather bold role in the film alongside Rajinikanth and Radhika Apte. However, her latest movie release became a blunder due to T Rajendran’s comment and many called it a publicity stunt. In a recent interview with The News Minute, Dhanshika talked about money, politics and the role of Tamil women in Kollywood:

“In the very next week, I saw that all the work for Mersal‘s release was going on in full swing. It’s only then that I understood what’s happening here. So is money at the center of this? Not just in the industry but also in politics? People with money can do whatever they want. If I don’t speak bravely now when will I speak about it? On which stage?” she asked.

Mersal released on October 18 while Vizhithiru eventually hit the screens on November 3. The film was unable to get favorable shows and theatre screens with the new date, unlike the October weekend in which it was originally meant to release.

Seen in tears, Dhanshika said, “But more than participating in this film’s victory, I’m happy to participate in this film’s pain. I find it very difficult to speak because my heart is so heavy,” she said. Dhanshika went on to say that if actors – big and small – participated in such events, they would understand the pain of a director and producer better. “I have started understanding it now,” she said. “Whatever I knew at a superficial level, I now know in greater detail.”

“From my first film until now, I have faced more failure than success. It’s very difficult for a Tamil woman to come up in the Tamil film industry, and that too in this society,” she said.

Adding that she was proud to be part of such an event, she said, “We didn’t get theatres, though the movie is good, it didn’t run. This is not my first experience. Before this, a film called Uru released. There were many difficulties – ones that I can’t speak about – when making that film. We didn’t get proper theatres. Publicity was poor. We couldn’t reach people properly. That film didn’t run well.”

“After that, I had the question – I’m making films with good stories, good screenplay. Maybe I should change. Maybe in the entertaining world, I should also be entertaining and not just do films that speak of good things. People – including youngsters like me – don’t seem to like it. They feel it should be said in an entertaining way. I learned all this and started changing myself,” she said.

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