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No Acting! : Dipika Pallikal

Squash Champion Dipika reveals all!

Squash champion Dipika Pallikal is extremely talented, no contest; but the celebrity has also been approached several times for movie deals owing to the fact that she’s extremely pretty on and off screen. So much so that Paparazzi follows her wherever she goes, outside the court too. Talking about whether she will get into acting, Dipika says she never thought of it that way. Check out the excerpt from our cover interview below:

“No acting assignments for me in the near future, it is only squash”

Dipika has, self-admittedly, been fascinated by the camera and has always maintained that if not a squash player, she would have been an actor. Indeed, the pretty sportswoman is extremely photogenic and every lensman’s delight. She has endorsed several brands and enjoys being under the arc lights. Yet she has no desire to get into acting anytime soon, although offers have been pouring in from all over. “I agree that modeling is a refreshing change and I enjoy being photographed, although I hate the early morning wakeup calls for shoots; yet, I have absolutely no time to think about films or television right now. I did front an AIDS awareness campaign for my sponsors recently but that was a decision motivated by social responsibility,” she clarifies.

Check out the video of her here:

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