New Twists In The Sensational Sheena Bora Murder Case!

Indrani’s audio tapes reveal more than what meets the eye!

One year after the sensational murder case came into light, now audio tapes of conversations between Sheena’s boyfriend Rahul and the accused’s Indrani and her husband Peter Mukerjea have been leaked. The 20 tapes span across two weeks seems to be like the aftermath of the murder. Rahul who had got suspicious of Sheena’s sudden disappearance had recorded all the conversations he had with his father and business tycoon Peter Mukerjea and his step mom, Indrani. In the conversations that have now been made public by the media, Peter is heard asking Rahul to get over Sheena as she had ‘left’ him. The tapes explicitly reveal how the Indrania and Peter tried to cover up a cold blooded murder.

‘What if she (Sheena) has disappeared, why are you making all this fuss.’ 

In one conversation Rahul is heard telling Peter, ‘I don’t need to know where she (Sheena) is. I need to know if she’s okay.’ To which Peter replies, ‘You need to get over it.’

Indrani is heard telling Rahul that Sheena might have found some other person to take money from. She also says that Sheena did not contact her after taking money from her. 

To give a quick recap of the murder case,

Sheena Bora went missing on April 24, 2012. In August, 2015, her mother Indrani Mukerjea and her step father Sanjeev Khanna and Indrani’s driver Shyamvar Rai were arrested for abducting and murdering Sheena. The murder case shook the entire country last year as there were so many vicious twists and turns the case took with the national media covering every move of the case with utmost importance.

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