New Captain, More Fights – What Will Happen On Tonight’s ‘Bigg Boss Tamil 2’ Episode

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The saucy promos for tonight’s episode of the reality show Bigg Boss Tamil are out, and there’s a lot of expectations. If it’s anything to go by, all things you wouldn’t have expected might just happen this week. One week on, the contestants are warming up to each other and making new friends. However, foes are being made, too, and each contestant comes with their own strategy to survive this show.

Janani’s role as the captain comes to an end and out begins the captaincy of a new inmate – Nithya! While many have been against her, often being super judgemental of her, her captaincy might lead to many conflicts and, hopefully, setting the record straight about several things that people might have misjudged about her. As a viewer, many believe that she has been the most misunderstood contestant around.

Apart from new captaincy, this new week will also witness an elimination. Contrary to last week, this week people have voted for others with a more fresh perspective, having spent time and getting to know each person. Mumtaz, Ananth Vaidyanathan and Mamathi Chari aren’t their favourites this week. Vaishnavi believes Mamathi is fake and votes for her. She also goes on a roll talking about Mumtaz to Daniel, about how her popularity might have been at its peak years ago but here in this show, she appears to stir up her popularity status again. Clearly, there’s a tinge of vitriol in there but again, we will have to watch the entire show to get the context of her statements.

Apart from that, the whole conflict about ‘Isai’ comes back. The last episode, when Daniel was asked to give nicknames to contestants, he called Ananth Vaidyanathan, a voice expert, a “bathroom singer”. Clearly the latter took this as a slight and said that it wasn’t funny. He further tells Daniel to take it back and in the promos, one can see his annoyance writ large on his face. “There’s a limit to these jokes,” he says, and things get more awkward between the two.

Apart from this, the usual drama is expected to take place but perhaps everybody is still reeling from last evening’s fun interaction with Kamal Haasan. Another week in the house, another week for surviving. Watch the show at 9PM tonight.

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