My Role As A Homosexual In Awe Was Very Challenging: Nitya Menen!

She is absolutely talented!

Nithya Menen is a woman of many faces: Malayali born in Bangalore, Journalism graduate turned actress, actress with a tryst in playback singing. Today she is a Spanish belle shedding her regular image to a playfully seductive senorita and the spotlight can’t get enough of her.

The Kanmani that stole hearts all over the state with her cute, girl-next-door image disappears once the camera turns off. With utmost professional compliance she poses for selfies and gets ready for her next shot. When asked if she is comfortable to start with the interview she says she never is but that wouldn’t stop her from giving one as part of her career perks. The one thing that she is not is shy of the spotlight and we learned that during the course of the interview. Wanting to do something different, she settled for a Spanish themed photo shoot that would showcase her sparkling allure with a flirtatious undercurrent.

Was steering away from typecast the intention when she took up her role in the Malayalam film Awe in which she played a homosexual? Nithya answers, “I knew the director from before, he is indeed a very good writer and I love his writing. He is quite unique and his approach to films is unique as well. When I came to know he was looking for a heroine I knew he must be holding an interesting script with him. When he approached me with the script and asked me which of the female characters I would be comfortable playing, my heart was inclined towards Krish. I think I expected him to suggest something else because of the public opinion of me that I am more of a cutesy, docile woman. He surprised me when he said he would like me to play Krish and in that moment I could see myself in the role and I knew I had arrived. It was a little bit challenging, the role in itself, but that was just a small obstacle.


“My role in Mersal was nicely sketched.”

The second time she took TN by storm was her role in Vijay and Atlee’s Mersal. Talking about her role in a predominantly commercial action film she says she loved the neat portrayal of her character. “Mersal was another film wherein my character was a beautifully sketched role. She had a nice space and that I thought was very commendable. In a very commercial film Atlee had this very aesthetic vision for this character and I appreciate him for bringing that out. He has certain genuineness in the way he wants to tell a story. I think that is a lovely trait to have; I really get along well with Atlee because of that.”

“I have to take all of what cinema gives me.”

One thing that struck us as off was the fact that Nithya hadn’t given too many interviews prior and was regarded antisocial by the media. Talking about it, Nithya says, “When somebody is so negative on social media, they basically have negative personalities and an unfulfilled way of life. I have a pretty good life, and I am a decent human being I think and that’s how I react to things around me. I am also not on social media so that helps in being happy and peaceful. Other people’s opinions don’t bother me, be it a compliment or comment. Scrutiny is a part of fame, not letting it get to you is a choice. As far as cinema goes, I think my choice is immaterial and this is what God intended for me as far as work goes, so I have to take all of cinema and its cons with a pinch of salt.”

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