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My Kids Are The Ones Who Give Meaning To My Life: Aishwarya Dhanush!

Aishwarya is truly a doting mother!

A goodwill ambassador for the UN, an author, a filmmaker, a star’s wife, a superstar’s daughter and most importantly a mother, Aishwarya R Dhanush has donned many hats. While on the one hand, she is Rajinikanth’s darling daughter, on the other she is a representative chosen by the UN to empower Indian women. She is the anchor that keeps the house grounded, a mother who has successfully shielded her sons from the media.

My kids are the ones who give meaning to my life. Every day, there is something new that I learn about them or something that they end up teaching me. It’s such a learning and giving experience. They drive me up the wall most of the times. They are naughty and this is the age to be so. Whether a boy or a girl, at this age they have zillion questions to ask.

Today, it’s more of a challenge for parents to bring up their children with internet and information available at the click of a button. Answering their every question with the balance of what can be said and what should not be said is most important and difficult as well.

Both of us are very busy with work and schedules. I’m blessed with very understanding and sweet kids. When both of us are away, my mother is a huge help as she takes care of the kids. Without her, I don’t think I would have been a working mother because we don’t leave the kids alone at home with just the help.

When we travel, we leave them with my mother. And they are extremely happy and fond of the grandparents because their home is like an eternal holiday. There are no rules or even if there are they are not followed very strictly.

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