Must Watch: Kerala Collector Shows Us Why ‘Old Is Gold’

A beautiful lesson for everybody!!

When it comes to clothes, most people are very selective about it. And sometimes, they are downright dismissive especially if it is either old or used to belong to someone before. Dr K Vasuki, Thiruvananthapuram’s Collector, is someone who abides by the concept, “old is gold”. In a recent video that has gone viral, Dr Vasuki features in a red saree and black saree and reveals the story behind it.

Wearing the saree, Vasuki reveals that she’s wearing a used sari which she found discarded at the Resource Recovery Facility (RFF) at the Varkala municipality. By wearing a used, discarded saree, she said that she’s trying to promote the concept of reusing items.

“Today, I have worn this and come to a meeting on the Shivagiri pilgrimage to be held here in Varkala. I am adopting this practice to promote reuse. I have no hesitations or stigma in wearing a sari already worn by someone else. For me, the environment is primary,” she says in the video, all done in a bid to promote a more safer environment.

Currently, there’s a project that’s been doing the rounds in order to save the enviroment. A bunch of “green technicians” have been collecting clean and dry non-biodegradable waste from houses in order to recycle and reuse them.

In the video, Dr Vasuki repeats the new motto that one should adopt: “old is fashionable”.

Watch the video here:

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