MOVIE REVIEW: Krishna and His Leela. A tale of an accidental playboy! 

Director: Ravikanth Perepu

Cast; Sidhu Jonnalagadda, Shradha Srinath , Shalini Vadnikatti, Seerat Kapoor


What happens when you fall in love with two people? Ravikanth Perepu’s Krishna and His Leela is a romantic flick that will leave you wondering what it feels like to have a man who loves you perfectly sincerely just as much as he loves another woman. The movie revolves around the concept of love having no boundaries, and that ‘feelings’ cannot be restricted to one person.


Meet Krishna, your average indecisive boy whose maturity and values are put to test way too many times, pushing him to turn into a sloppy, confused version of a playboy. As the movie begins in a self-narration from Ladhak, Krishna (played by Sidhu Jonnalagadda) takes you through all the women in his life. Starting with a break-up featuring Satya (Shradha Srinath) followed by a very obvious rebound Radha, over to the sultry friend, Rukhsar (Serat Kapoor) added to the mix. 


Satya and Krishna are collage sweethearts but she chooses to end things owing to his immaturity (which he will only go on to display throughout the movie). He then decides to typically move on to the ‘stay away from any girl’ phase shortly, only to fall in love again with his college junior, Radha. This not-so-strong relationship is put to test when he moves from Vizag to Bangalore for a job and accidentally stumbles upon his ex.


What follows is a two hour stretch of unsettled romance between the three, where Krishna tries to choose between the two? Live with both? No one can understand what he is trying, honestly! 


A story while trying to break one stereotype goes on to propagandizing many. The movie romanticizes a character that has no problem lying through his teeth to save himself from having to make a decision with cute BGMs, camera interaction (justification), and dialogues.


The film did manage to bring into light a complex, sensitive emotion, though it failed to say how to deal with it. Applaudable parts in the movie are the strongly outlined characters of the female lead. Radha and Satya are two very different women, but have what the protagonist doesn’t, a mind of their own and knowing what they want. Shraddha Srinath plays her role as Satya the strong-minded, no-nonsense independent woman, Shalini Vadnikatti a sweet romantic vulnerable Radha and a wild, free-spirited Rukshar played by Seerat Kapoor.


A light-hearted entertainment film that would not go beyond a mindless watch, Krishna and his Leela is yet another Tollywood cliché that patronizes men who refuse to grow up.    


Verdict: A perfect Sunday at-home lazy watch!

Rating: 2.5 

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