Millennials VS GenZ : 5 Things They Do Differently !

Generation Gap is real!

The battle between the generations has been going on for ages. Its a conversation that we have had numerous of times with our parents and grandparents. Being a millennial myself, I am realising now how this generation gap actually works. We have tried our best to do things different from our parents, which may be a good thing and a bad thing. Little did we realise that the generation after us would find our methods questionable and put our actions under a microscope. It’s funny how we never thought about it that way, we were trying our best to rectify the mistakes that our parents probably made with us that we didn’t think of how the next generations will perceive our actions. Looking at a few things that us and the Genz would do differently,we have a list of differences that are evident between these two generations :

  1. Finances : Let’s establish one thing first, there is no right or perfect way to do anything. It’s all about perspective. Investments, mutual funds, shares and bonds or even crypto, money is a personal topic. What one does with their earnings is not subject to any judgement. Their priorities are different and so are their lifestyles. While millennials as a generation grew up with student loans, have taken car and home loans, even personal loans in some cases, Genz is trying to steer clear from it. It could be because they are watching the previous generation struggling with EMIs and loans. Contrary to what people might think, GenZ believes very strongly in saving for the future.  They are allocating bigger chunks of their salaries into savings when compared to millennials. Millennials were conditioned into owning their stuff while the GenZ doesn’t mind renting, buying pre-owned and saving the big bucks for the future. Millennials are spending on luxury, for them experiences like a good meal, a branded hand bag, or a resort stay are ways to de-stress and relax.                                                                                         
  2. Relationships : This is another department where the generations differ from each other. But both generations prefer finding a date online than traditional meet cutes. This does not mean that they don’t find partners by other means, school and college mates, mutual friends or even colleagues, sometimes one finds a connection when you least expect it. When we talk about relationships, GenZ is very particular about their beliefs and value systems to align with the opposite persons. They are not likely to adjust like the Millennials would. Millennials are romantics while GenZs believe in compatibility more than they believe in a spark. 
  3. Jobs : Workplaces are multigenerational, we have someone who could be a boomer working with a millineal.This also goes to show that just because one belongs to a particular generation, their ideologies may or may not match with each other 100 percent. This is a general notion that surveys have zeroed upon. Millennials tend to thrive at workplaces while the GenZ prefers to work from home. Millennials are over-worked, they haven’t set boundaries when it comes to work calls or work during weekends. A healthy habit that the GenZs have cultivated is prioritising their free time for themselves. They are competitive and ambitious but have set up clear lines as to where work ends and their personal life begins. 
  4. Dependence on devices : Millennials are the generation that have seen a life pre and post internet while GenZ grew up in a full digital world. The level of information that’s available on the click of a button is insane! GenZs get all their whys, when’s, how’s answered within minutes! It’s a double edged sword, while easy access to all the information from around the world is a great thing, it also means that the generation has little to no patience to wait and get their queries answered. Human interaction is lessening by the minute, whether it is a food order, a doctor’s appointment or even banking services, all are done over an App! Millennials are equally dependent on their devices but they have seen a life before the advent of the internet hence, they are trying to be more mindful of its usage. 
  5. Mental Health : Yes, GenZ is more open to talking about mental health and taking necessary actions to deal with it. But research also says that more people from this generation are prone to having mental health issues. Millennials are also dealing with a fair share of trauma but are still a little hesitant to see a therapist. The taboo around mental health conversations has enveloped the millennial generation. Even though a few of them have broken the mould and reached out for help, the percentage is very low. Stress adds to psychological concerns, it’s a characteristic that affects both generations equally but how they chose to find a way out defines how healthy their mental capacities will be. 

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