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#MeToo India: Radha Ravi, Accused Of Sexual Misconduct, Jokes About It!!

Distasteful at best!

Veteran actor Radha Ravi, who has been accused of sexual misconduct in the light of the ongoing #MeToo movement, took a vile jab at the movement which not only was distasteful but also insensitive. At a recent event, the actor went on stage and joked about being added to the list of accusers, adding that the movement is dangerous for the film industry.

“Directors and their assistants must overcome many challenges to make movies, so don’t ruin their careers! Many people from the industry called me and wanted to know what to do about these allegations. I told them not to come to me; I am 65 years old and accusations are being made against me only now,” he said. He further questioned singer Chinmayi Sripada’s intentions, one of the prominent people who is openly talking about the experience she endured and sharing other women’s stories.

“Today, the directors hesitate to give a narration thinking that they might be accused of sexual misconduct later. We cannot go back 10 years and see ‘everything’ is alright. By ‘everything’, I meant the surroundings, venue, location and other factors. I feel that #MeToo is for godmen and ministers,” he said, amidst a roar of applause from the audience.

Perhaps the most disappointing bit about his speech was the fact that he said that public memory is really poor and much like most news, this movement will be dissolved sooner than expected. Speaking about it, he alluded it to the incident of his father shooting MGR and how the news was forgotten soon enough.

“When my father, MR Radha, shot MGR, we were able to walk the streets without question after a few days. Even when something as large as a shooting incident can be forgotten then how long does this movement have? I urge women to not stoop down to this level because everybody is innocent until proven guilty.”

Last week, news broke after a woman, under the condition of being anonymous, spoke about how Radha Ravi had allegedly kissed and hugged her and then asked her to meet him alone, a completely inappropriate proposition.

Chinmayi, Leena Manimekalai, and several other women under anonymity have been sharing sordid details of sexual misconduct indulged by several prominent men in the industry, including lyricist Vairamuthu, singer Karthik, filmmaker Susi Ganesan to name a few.

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