Man Bites Snake To Revenge The reptile For Biting Him First; Both Die!


We come across various bizarre and spooky incidents but this has just outdone them all. A 70-year-old man from Gujarat bit a snake back because he got bitten by it. Bizarre is an underrated for this, however, the ending of this wasn’t good as the snake and the man, both lost their lives.

Parvat Gala Bari is a farmer in the village of Mahisagar in Vadodara. While the man was working in his farm, a snake bit him. Angered by the snake’s action, he picked up the snake and bit him back in order to kill him. Hi bit the snake so hard that he almost devoured him.

The farmer’s daughter-in-law reported the TOI that one of the men who witnessed the incident, picked up the snake and burnt the reptile.

While another relative of Parvat rushed him to the hospital to cure him. However, Parvat wasn’t immediately treated, he was shifted to three different hospitals but till then he succumbed to his injuries and died.

This is not the first incident – a man from UP did a similar deed in the year 2018, he bit a snake to take a revenge of the reptile biting him!

What’s up with this world?

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