Malayali Businessman Owns 22 Apartments In Dubai’s Burj Khalifa!

Mechanic to Millionaire!

Dubai: An Indian mechanic-turned-businessman owns a staggering 22 apartments in the popular Burj Khalifa in Dubai, the world’s tallest building! In an incredible sounding rags-to-riches story, George V Nereaparambil realized there was huge scope for an air conditioning business in the hot climate of the desert after he landed in Sharjah back in 1976.


Hailing from Trichur in Kerala, Nereaparambil started working as an automobile mechanic before he started purchasing the properties. Nereaparambil says that he took owning a property in Burj Khalifa building as a challenge when a relative teased him it. He says, 'A relative of mine jokingly told me: See this Burj Khalifa, you cannot enter it. Now I own 22 flats in the tower and I will purchase more if I think the deal is good. My friend teased me once saying I cannot enter this prestigious building but I took it as a challenge. For me nothing is impossible.'

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