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Making Out With Bobby Was Very Easy For Me: Amala Paul!

She seems to have gotten into the character!

Amala Paul is choosing her words and her stories with much care these days. Her upcoming film ‘Thiruttu Payale 2’ is one of the most anticipated films in Kollywood. Though Amala was chilling in Ladakh, away from hectic shooting schedules, she managed to talk about her upcoming film. In an interview with Chennai Times, Amala talked about the love for ‘Thiruttu Payaley 2’.

“I believe that when a movie comes to you, it is destiny. I realized that I couldn’t have said no to this movie because as an actor, this film gave me complete satisfaction; this film gave me complete satisfaction in terms of story, character and the experience working with a great director. The audience will get to see a different facet of all of us. When you do a movie that pushes you out of your comfort zone, you discover a new dimension about yourself and that’s exactly what I did.”

Further talking about the poster, Amala said, “I never thought my navel would create so much buzz around the film. There is so much exposure to everything and we are living in 2017; despite that, my navel has become a sensation.”

Concluding about the intimate scenes in the film, Amala said, “I have grown a lot as an actor and as a person. My perception of love was different last year compared to what it is this year. In this movie, I play a bold and confident woman and I also got a lot of liberty to express myself. My costars, Bobby and Prasanna, were very supportive. We had great understanding and wavelength and so, it was easy doing the scenes. In fact, Bobby used to get the jitters before shooting the romantic scenes, but I always had the upper hand in romance, even in real life, so it was easy.”

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