Madhavan Shares Fan-Made Video Which You Must See (And Listen!)

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Actor Madhavan shared a fan-made video showcasing snippets of him in his films with the background being a part of a speech he had recently made. While the video includes him in character from several of his films including Irudhi Suttru and 3 Idiots. His speech, with many of his fans attesting, has him implore everybody to go beyond the limit and grab every opportunity there is.

With academic degrees in Public Speaking and having given numerous speeches on motivating students, Madhavan’s speech touched upon why opportunities will not land on everybody’s lap and that you will have to do something to get noticed.

“I might not be completely worthy of some of the opportunities that I got. But I grabbed it like hell. I had my friend who came to me and said, ‘Maddy we’re very good engineers. We’re really good at what we’re doing but the problem is, we can’t speak in English. So when they come from Tatas and Kirloskars for campus selections, I’m not able to communicate.’ I said that the fault lies with you guys – you have to break the clutter. Nobody is going to come and say, ‘You know what? Maybe you are a good engineer, let me give you a shot.’ You have to be noticed in that very first instant and for two reasons – Either you should know what a good profession is for you. If you’re not able to make an impression then quickly change it. This is not the be all, end-all,” he says in his speech.

Comments to the video include people saying that their day has been made and that this is the motivation they wanted today.

Watch the video here:

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