Madhan Karky Calls Chinmayi A Liar!


Chimayi Sripada has been a part of the South Indian Film Industry for over a decade now. She has given various unforgettable melodies and has dubbed for all top actresses in the industry. In the wake of the #MeToo movement, the singer shared her story because of which she faced a lot of backlash from the Tamil industry. In a recent Twitter spaces session, Chinmayi said that it was only because of Madhan Karky‘s compulsion, that she invited his dad Vairamuthu for her wedding.

Madhan Karky remained silent and didn’t respond to any of the accusations against his dad till date. But the lyricist recently hit back at Chinmayi calling her as a liar. Responding to Chinmayi’s statement, Madhan Karky said, “This is just another lie. She wanted to invite my dad for her wedding. But my dad did not give appointment as he was upset with her. She requested me to get an appointment. I got it for her. She went to his house alone, touched his feet, got blessings and invited him.” (sic)

Further he revealed why his dad Vairmuthu was upset on Chinmayi, he posted “My dad penned a song for this 2011 event and coordinated a concert with a few singers. She agreed to perform. The day before the event she called him to say she cannot come as she had accepted another event. He was upset with her unprofessional behaviour.” (sic)

Chinmayi Sripaada did not respond to Madhan Karky’s tweets. Instead, she put up a quote that kind of reflected that they are lying.

Chinmayi Sripaada has filed a complaint against Vairamuthu in 2018.


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