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Why Maddy Will Be Our Heartthrob Forever!

As the trailer for his new web series ‘Breathe’ comes out we take a look at the actor’s journey.

Ok, where do we even begin? Maddy started winning chick-votes with his first ever major film appearance and the female fandom has never once ebbed; on the contrary, women have been slapping life-sized posters of him in their bedroom for over a decade now. Be it his skinny days during ‘Dumm DummDumm’, ‘Minnale’ and ‘LesaLesa’, his adorably pudgy look in ‘Priyasakhi’ or his latest beefcake avatar for his ‘Vikram Vedha’, we’ve come to love this man in all his forms! It has to do with his ability to express himself in refined diction (refer all the award shows he’s hosted), his disarming candor that is always accompanied by his wit and the potential to earn respect despite being a non-dancer in Kollywood (where even tree branches are expected to cut a rug).

It’s not just that his films have fared decently and consistently above par in south and the north, the man also values the environment and strives passionately towards its conservation. He has been polled “cutest male vegetarian” by PETA and has constantly been appreciated for his sincere efforts to protect animal rights. With proficiency in English, Tamil, Hindi and some Bihari languages, his endearing presence on-screen (even in an antagonistic role, he can melt your heart right down) and his genuine love towards all beings, it is impossible not to fall for this embodiment of cuteness!

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These pictures are enough proof that we couldn’t have had a better 90s! Maddy’s first stint at television still makes us nostalgic. Remember him as the ship’s captain in Seahawks? That was 19 years ago! Gosh!!!

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