Love Chennai’s Sathyam Popcorn? This App Is All Set To Deliver It At Your Doorstep!

A dream comes True.

Chennai is famous for many things. With Madras week passing by us recently all of us sure do know what these famous things are. Most of the articles you read would have talked about the history of Madras and its different iconic places to remind us of the heritage of our city. While on that, there are small things that are not 300 years old but are most sought after. They will easily become things of heritage value over the years. Would you judge me if I said all along I was talking about Popcorn, you might. However, not when you hear the name of the popcorn, you will join me immediately.

If you are a movie buff, in Chennai we all are, that means you have definitely tasted the famous Mexican Cheese or Sour Cream Onion or the caramel seasoning on a popcorn and missed a scene in the movie getting lost in its amazing taste. We have chosen to skip the theatre near our house many times and go to Sathyam because that theatre serves the best popcorn in town. There are days we order extra to eat on the drive back home after the movie if the movie was a lousy one, popcorn was the only good take away.

Movie times have become far more fun because of this yellow heaven, imagine having them at your doorstep on a Saturday night when you binge watch that Netflix series or during a sleepover when you and your friends chose to watch a horror movie, the imagination is bliss, isn’t? Worry not, because now it is a reality. That is right; the famous Sathyam Popcorn will now be delivered to your doorstep exactly with the right amount of seasoning as you ask by Genie, the hyperlocal delivery app.

For folks who are not familiar with Genie, they are a pickup and drop service that helps you get work done across the city. Forgot your assignment or your charger at home, Genie will bring it you. Anything from a dress for a surprise sleepover to birthday cake for a party will be picked up and delivered by these guys. Life sure is simple, isn’t?  Enjoy it now with your favourite Sathyam popcorn.


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