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Kerala Floods: College Girl Who Was Bullied On The Internet Donates Rs 1.5 Lakhs!

A powerful lesson to learn.

The Kerala floods continue to rage on in the state, with over hundreds of people losing their lives and innumerable damages to property and livelihood. While the water is yet to recede, commercial flights are only now beginning to operate from the Navy base. Amidst all this, with donations pouring in and relief camps coming up to help those who have been affected, it’s the small acts of humanity that keep the spirits going.

Hanan Hamid, a 21-year-old Kerala college student, made news last month when images of her uniform did the rounds where she was selling fish in order to save money for her college tuition. She was in the news when these images went viral, but not in a good way. Cyber bullied by thousands, Hanan’s story of courage was met with a lot of negativity but helped poured in too, with CM Pinrayi Vijayan honouring her. Taking one step forward, Hanan has donated Rs 1.5 Lakhs to the Chief Minister’s Distress Relief Fund (CMDRF). She donated the money she had received when she was going through a lot of problems herself.

In a video, she said:

“I visited a relief camp in Kothamangalam where people were struggling to have basic necessities like food and clothes. Seeing their struggle I wanted to help them in some way. When I was at facing difficulties in my life, a lot of people generously helped me. I had received some Rs 1.5 lakhs from you people. Now I want to transfer that money to the Chief Minister’s Distress Relief Fund.”

Hanan is currently in a hospital and is being treated for various ailments, but it reported that she continues to help victims of the floods by visiting relief camps and helping out in ways. Since August 8 the floods have been raging in the state, and has so far claimed nearly 200 lives. Various religious and social organisations have joined hands with government agencies in rushing water and food to those affected.

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