‘Kadaikutty Singam’ Actress Teaches Trolls A Lesson On Moral Policing!

Stop telling women what to wear and what not to!

Priya Bhavani Shankar, former host and now an actress who starred in Kadaikutty Singam, has the most fitting response to trolls who policed her about her outfit. Having a posted a photo of herself on Instagram wherein she wore a sheer top with a short camisole underneath, trolls took it upon themselves to tell her that they were “disappointed” with her outfit.

Being happy never goes out of style🤗

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Some of the responses to her dress have been downright disappointing in itself. One user chose to ask her if she would let her kids wear the same dress.

“Mam there is nothing need to be zoomed it’s completely visible ,and one more thing u said beauty is in eyes this itself u say beauty from body parts but I personally believe beauty is from our heart ,now I can understand y u people wearing this dress to show Ur beauty ,stop telling always non sense about guys ,will u allow the Same dress to Ur kids and make them walk in front of public 😡,and one more thing face also from the body , uneducated people ✌️,don’t get angry just read twice then u can understand wat people are trying to say [sic].”

Amidst all this, Priya, too, gave her response and schooled users.

“Mr @nagarajan24 this is definitely not a reply with head weight. Am just trying to resist people like you deciding how I should hold my values and culture! Am surprised how people are trying to save culture by zooming in and out my picture. A little piece of semi transparent cloth has taken a toll to this culture. I don’t see anything so alarming in my picture. Seriously? You think people like you zooming it and picking nonsense and speaking nonsense and judging others are holding the culture high? With all due respect let me say loud and polite I don’t see anything screwing your so called culture and I can handle my values by my own than through these comments worried about my 1.5 inch of semi transparent cloth. Thank you very much,” she wrote.

Women getting policed is nothing new. But women unapologetically giving it back to so-called moral police, now that’s what needs to be lauded. In the past, several actresses have gotten trolled for the clothes the wear, for the roles they pick, or for the dialogues they say. Remember when Jyothika was trolled for abusing in Naachiyaar? Or when Priyanka Chopra was trolled for wearing a short dress when meeting PM Modi?

Social media has been a breeding ground of hatred comments perpetrated by anonymous accounts lately, and when we look at things closer home, there’s much to be ashamed of. But, if 2017 was the year of women speaking out and breaking shackles and the year of the #MeToo and #TimesUp moment, then we know we are heading towards the right track.

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