Just In: The Legend Saravana Stores’ President To Act in His First Film!

This is some news!

The Legend Saravana Stores is famous today not just because the store caters to all sections of the society, makes it adfordable and worthy, but also because it now has a strong face as its brand ambassador which is also its owner Mr. Saravana Arul. Saravanan believed earlier that he could possibly promote his own brand better than any of the celebrities who promoted his store. Initially it was a troll subject for the netizens, but it has now only made people look up to a brand new ad every time a festive season comes up. He has expanded his store further and farther with his own ads and that’s a milestone in itself.

Saravanan has much more to him – he had also made a wholesome contribute of money to the affected localities of the Gaja Cyclone, he is in every way a success.

Mr. Legend had earlier expressed his interest in acting in commercial films and we were always hoping that that would be true some day. And finally, it is. A regional entertainment portal confirms that the Saravana stores owner is all set to make his Kollywood debut and that too with a huge director. But, that’s the only amount of confirmed information for now. More official announcements to come soon.

Until then have you watched the latest Sarava stores ad yet?


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