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Just 7 Pictures That Proves 2.0 Is Going To Be Huge!

Grandeur is the word!


The much awaited 2.0 has been the talk of the town for a while. But do you know what makes the movie click? Here’s exclusive interviews and pics from the set:

Director Shankar said 2.0 is not an extension of Enthiran, putting an end to rumors that the film will be a sequel to Enthiran.

“2.0 has a new format, a unique premise, and a new message. The film has made in international standards. It will not look like an ordinary Indian action movie. It’s a socio-fantasy, sci-fi actioner,” he said.

Shankar said they decided to make the film in native 3D format since the script demanded it. “3D makes the movie-watching experience very exciting. And the movie required the 3D technology. It’s not a technological gimmick to invite audiences. After experiencing 2.0 in 3D, Indian viewers would like to watch more 3D films in theatres in future.”


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