Janhvi Kapoor Celebrates Birthday at Old Age Home in honour of her Late Mother Sridevi!

A sad looking Janhvi’s pics have gone viral

Janhvi Kapoor who lost her mother almost ten days back was earlier heard saying she would celebrate her 21st birthday at an old age home or an orphanage, continuing the tradition started by her late mother and actor, Sridevi. Pics of her at the Old Age Home yesterday have gone viral and it is no doubt Janhvi is still in grief.


Janhvi Kapoor spends her 21st birthday at an orphanage ❤ . . . . #sridevi #janhvikapoor #birthday #bollywood

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Fan pages of Janhvi shared pictures yesterday of her staring sadly at the floor even as her friends surround her with cakes. In another video, she is seen clapping her hands as the women around her sing the birthday song for her.


Janhvi Kapoor celebrated her 21st birthday at old age home …… Happy birthday @janhvikapoor #bollywood #bollywoodlife #btownlover #janhvi #bollywoodlife #janhvikapoor @b_town_lover

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Sridevi passed away on February 24th at Dubai from accidental drowning. Janhvi took to Instagram to share her grief and said her message would be to love your parents. “Cherish them and devote yourself to making them feel that love. They have made you. And I ask that you remember my mother fondly, pray for her soul to rest in peace,” she had written in a long post, followed by a few lovely family pictures.

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