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I’ve Lost My Daughter After 18 Years: Cries Of Deceased Chennai Student Ragamonika’s Father Has Created An Uproar!

The reason behind the death remains a mystery!

Student suicides have become countless and while the only solution for it is better organization, support, and system, considerate approach towards a student is equally important. In a shocking incident an 18-year-old student named Ragamonika studying at Sathyabama University, Chennai just ended her life in her hostel room. There are protests shooting up within the college where more than 300 students have participated in the agitation. The riots became so serious that they burnt a lot of furniture and other possessions that belonged to the college.

Ragamonika was allegedly caught cheating during one of her examinations where the invigilator caught her red-handed and requested one of the instructors to take her to a place only known to her. “He took her ID card and sent her out of the classroom. She was sent out with an attendee, but I don’t know where she was sent,” says Rakesh, the twin brother of Ragamonika. That was also the last time Rakesh saw his sister alive. After his exam, he found Ragamonika’s message on his mobile: “I love you and I’ll miss you so much.”

Concerned about his sister, Rakesh ran to her hostel room. Initially, he was not allowed inside by the warden. However, when he proved that he was her sister he was allowed inside. What he saw after that shattered him. Ragamonika was hanging from the ceiling fan in the room.

“One of our classmates also came running in. The warden was informed, and they took her to the hospital inside the campus. I was not allowed in the hospital, but they told me her blood pressure was low,” Rakesh recalls.


After two hours, 18-year-old Ragamonika was declared dead.

What the family wants to know is where the 18-year-old was taken and who spoke to her after she was sent out of class. With no answers forthcoming from the college, the father says, he has been forced to file a police complaint.

“The college authorities have not told us anything about the incident. I tried calling them but there was no response. My son informed us about the incident,” says Ragamonika’s father Raja Reddy, who works as the general manager of a private company.

In the wee hours of Thursday, the family went to the Semmenchery police station and filed a complaint against the college. “We were there till 3 am and still no one came from the college. We have filed a complaint about the mismanagement of the situation by the college authorities,” says the father.

“We do not want any other student to go through a similar ordeal,” says a relative, Narasimhan Rao.

Ragamonika’s body will be taken to Nellore in Andhra Pradesh. The post-mortem was conducted at the Royapettah hospital in Chennai, the News Minute reports say.




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