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It Is Not Right To Isolate Julie And Sakthi: Oviya Releases Her First Powerful Video Post Bigg Boss!

Oviya opens up!

Don’t we all miss the strongest contestant of the Bigg Boss House? Well, here she is in front of all of us for the first time after leaving the Bigg Boss house. Using the social media platform has always been a strong choice to spread good and bad messages. Oviya being the gem that she is, decided to spread a very positive message to her army of fans.

In the video she uploaded, she said, “I am extremely happy to have garnered so much of love and support. It feels so good and welcoming. However, it is not right to isolate or attack Julie and Sakthi because I know what isolation feels like and I do not like how my fans are treating them.”


She further added, “I am no role model to anyone – I have my flaws. Do not follow anyone’s footsteps and be your own self. Never ever lose your self-respect no matter what.”

She also cleared the rumour about her haircut, “I haven’t gotten any surgery done. It is just the hair I donated for cancer patients and I wanted to do it on a stylish note.”

She ended the powerful speech with an “I Love You” for all her die-hard fans. She has also confirmed that she will not be getting back to the Bigg Boss house and will be doing movies.

Watch the video below:

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