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It Is Not Easy To Touch A Woman, Friends: Bigg Boss Contestant Snehan!

Snehan talks about his famous “hug”.

All of them definitely expected Snehan to win the title of ‘Bigg Boss’ season 1 in Tamil but votes matter at the end of the day and it was Aarav who grabbed the title and the 50 lakh cash prize. After a good 100 day long run in the Bigg Boss house, lyricist Snehan is finally back to routine life. After three days post the completion of the show, Snehan has now released a video addressing his fans and all the viewers of the mega-hit reality show.

Here we have a transcripted excerpt from the video where he talks about the criticism he received on how he hugged the women in the house. This is what he had to say:

Amidst so many talks, people reported that I went inside the Bigg Boss house just to hug women. Do you guys know that to touch a woman, you need to gain her trust? Only then they will come closer. Beyond all that, they trusted me. You cannot touch a woman easily, friends. We only hugged them to express our affection. It was the same kind of embracement that happens between a mother and a child. You people criticized that, but you should know that I am used to criticism because that is the reason I am here today.”

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