Ira film duplicates real life story of actress abduction!

Distasteful isn’t it?

Malayalam film Ira is Directed by Saiju SS, the film has been produced by Vyshakh and Udyakrishna under the banner Vyshakh Udayakrishna productions starring Gokul Suresh in the lead. The film is heavily condemned for its close resemblance to the Malayalam actor abduction and assault case that happened last year in February. Suspicion increases on seeing the new trailer that has come out which has the actor answering, “Endhina chetta verudhey vaayil thoniyadhokke vilichu parayunnadhu?” (What Brother, you speak whatever comes to your mouth?) These are the exact same words used by Dileep the 11th of the 12 accused in the abduction case.

The trailer even has words such as “He was trapped” and “Did you make him an accused only because his cell phone had the same tower location?” as if the actor is already acquitted and the judgment is passed. It must be noted here that director turned producer Vyshakh is an ardent supporter of Dileep and was one of the first few people to stand by the actor side when the case made the news. He said it was earth-shattering to hear that Dileep had been accused of the same. It looks the movie and the scenes are a dig at the actress and takes a biased stand towards the actor. The trial in the case is set to begin on March 14 while the film will hit the screens on March 16.

Watch it here:


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