In A World Of Abuses, Threats And Harassment Post Breakup, This Young Man Has The Best Message For His Ex!



It’s been a year since everything ended but I can still remember the vast happiness I had when I was with you and l just want to say that I miss you. I miss those deep eyes that washes away all my doubts whenever I look at them. I miss how my hand seemed to perfectly fit yours along with the feeling of home and contentment whenever you’re holding mine. I miss your voice, your voice that lightens up my day every time you sing me those random songs even if you always apologise because for your voice is not that good. I miss that. I miss you. I miss those moments when we glance at each other and smile because we both know words are not enough to explain what we feel. Even if every day I am dying to feel these all again, all I could do is sit here try to be happy for you and pour all my feelings by writing about you.

Love, if ever the time comes when you remember me and come back, just know that I am always here, waiting.

However, love, if the time comes when you come back and see me loving someone else, just know that it took me too much courage to open my heart to another girl again after what I’ve been through for you for us. If you happen to realise that she could have been you just keep in mind that my heart, no matter how much it endures every pain for you, it gives up.

I know I’ll be in love again. But for now, I’ll continue holding on to what you said that “If we are meant to be, love will lead us back. You see, I don’t believe in destiny and such things as “meant to be’s” for I know that only our own choices influence what happens in our life. But you, you made me believe in dreams and fantasies.

You know, Parallel Lines have a lot in common, but they never meet. Ever.
You might think that’s sad. 
But every other pair of lines meets once and then drifts apart forever.
I wish we were parallel lines.

But I guess it’s time to wake up. I’ll smile for you again because I know that one day, I’ll be seeing you. Until then. I will be missing you. l am not asking for you to come back. I see you are very happy now and it somehow eases the feeling of longing for your presence, for your happiness is my delight even if I am not a part of it. Keep Smiling and Be awesome!

P.S: She is an aspiring mathematician.”


Doesn’t that restore our lost faith girls? Something to learn from, boys? Wish more men were this appreciative of everything good the relationship had instead of delving in bitterness!


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