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If Only Ajith And Vijay Were More Like Dulquer Salmaan And Nivin Pauly!

The world of entertainment would be different!

What must a good movie comprise of? A good story, a great direction, a pleasant cinematography, and sensible actors to bring it all together. Acting is a skill that takes a lot of effort, practice, homework and most of all, the actual eagerness to do it. The actors shouldn’t ever feel that it is the camera they are acting for, but vice versa, that is, the camera should capture them at their natural best. Cinema has come a long way from where it all began. Earlier stages of cinema witnessed a lot of day to day stories that had subtle and simple story ideas with great acting – that’s how movies evolved.

Actors like Sivaji, Gemini, Savithri, KR Vijaya, MG Ramachandran and Jayalalithaa showed their audience what they are in for with over whelming acting through minimalistic stories. The audience used to be equally intelligent where they knew to differentiate between good and bad quality of acting, decent stories and most of all, they knew if it was worthy enough to run in the theatres or not.

The class of cinema should have only gone up by now, but it hasn’t. On the other hand, Malayalam movies have evolved extensively. While their old generation stories used to be as they were with other languages, with generations the stories have turned out to be more broadminded, rustic and beautiful.

Mollywood now caters to pan-Indian audience purely because of its natural acting talents and a rather well-weaved story. Not that Kollywood doesn’t have any – of course, it does. However, more small budget films have inspiring stories than the larger ones. The audience who are ardent Kollywood fans is watching films that have their favorite actors in it. That is not a bad thing but it definitely is an intense thing. There comes a responsibility where both the audience and the actors encourage stories that are sensible and develop as the generation evolves.

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